DONATE: Support Community Development Activities to be Done in Tanzania (Africa)

BRIEF SUMMARY: SiA is a nonprofit organization that operates in Tanzania (Africa), focusing on Environment, Agriculture, and Community Empowerment.  We are supporting all special groups in the community such as women, youths, children, persons with disabilities, older persons, etc. Our mission is to facilitate the achievement of environmental, social, and economic sustainable development. We are hereby requesting your financial Support/Donation for the implementation of community development activities as detailed below.

Donate to SiA to help Tanzania to achieve Sustainable Development

What is SiA? Why Donate to SiA?

Sustainability in Action (SiA) is a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Religious, and Non-Political Organization Registered in Tanzania Mainland with Registration Number 00NGO/R/1920. The registration number has been issued by the Tanzania Non -Governmental Organization under act No.24 of 2002. SiA office is located at SunFlag, Unga Ltd, Arusha, Tanzania. 

Short History

SiA was founded in 2018 and was legally registered in June 2021. In 2018 SiA was a nonregistered group that was providing facilitation services in research, project management, and monitoring and evaluation.

Thereafter, in 2021 members decided to register a nonprofit organization that will facilitate sustainable development through the implementation of community development initiatives and provision of consultancy services in community development issues.

Interventions Target and Targeted Groups

SiA organization was formed to facilitate the solution to environmental, social, and economic problems hindering community sustainable development in Tanzania. SiA focuses on community empowerment by supporting all special groups in the society such as women, youths, children, persons with disabilities and older persons to achieve environmental, social and economic development.

Vision and Mission

VISION: A Community with Sustainable Environmental, Social and Economic Development.

MISSION: To enable the community to achieve sustainable development through sustainable agriculture, social-economic development and environmental conservation initiatives.

Accountability and Transparency

SiA is fully committed to transparency and accountability in all activities and in relations with donors, development partners, governments, other organizations, and the general public. If you donate to SiA expect to receive regular updates on the financial issues, community activities, and outcomes of initiatives.

SiA Planed Activities that Need Donations

SiA plan to conduct the following activities  to be done in Tanzania (Africa);

Activity #1: Youth Empowerment: Conduct training and facilitation sessions

The purpose of this is to promote youths social, educational, economic, political, and psychological empowerment for their sustainable social and economic development

Activity #2: Women Empowerment: Conduct training and facilitation sessions

The aim is to facilitate women social, educational, economic, political, and psychological empowerment for their sustainable social and economic development

Activity #3: Child Protection and Support: Support Children in need

Intend to promote and facilitate child protection initiatives that create a way for children to achieve sustainable development in the future

Activity #4: Organize environmental conservation workshops and forums

This aims to create awareness on environmental issues by describing the interdependence relationship between environmental and social-economic issues

Activity #5: Environmental protection: Conduct training sessions and facilitation sessions

This intends to promote best practices in environmental management through the provision of environmental management and assessment consultancy services

Also aims to promote and facilitate environment conservation through innovation of environmental protection initiatives

Activity #6: Promote and facilitate innovation and adoption of best farming practices

Through participatory Agriculture Research and Learning and through the propagation of Agricultural innovations in training and Facilitation

Activity #7: Educate the community about the safe use of Agrochemicals

Through training and facilitation sessions

Activity #8: Build capacity of farmers in finance and Investment

Including supporting rural agriculture commercialization for sustainable development

Activity #9: Conducting Environmental, Social and Economic development campaigns


  • Health is Wealth Campaign
  • The Smile Campaign
  • β€œClean Environment for Better Life” Campaign
  • β€œSafe Mineral Extraction for Environmental Protection” Campaign
  • β€œBuy Local” Campaign

Support or Donate to SiA

We are requesting your donation to support the implementation of the above activities.

Kindly use the following form to notify SiA about your donation interest. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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