Area of Operations and Scope of Sustainability in Action (SiA) Organization

Table of Contents

    Area of Operations

    Sustainability in Action (SiA) operates in all regions of Tanzania Mainland with the aim of enabling the community to achieve sustainable Community Development through environmental, agricultural and social-economic initiatives.

    Scope of Initiatives

    SiA intends to accelerate social and economic development through sustainable agriculture, social-economic development and environmental conservation initiatives that will enable the community to achieve desired development.

    SiA Areas of Interest

    #1. Community Empowerment

    SiA aiming to induce and facilitate innovation of social and economic community development initiatives that will help the community to achieve sustainable economic and social development.

    #2. Effective Resources Utilization

    SiA intends to promote a sustainable economy of marginal communities in underprivileged parts of Tanzania by facilitating the adoption of best practices of effective resource utilization.

    #3. Environmental Conservation

    SiA focusing on Encouraging the use of social and economic practices which are environmentally friendly through environmental conservation initiatives.

    #4. Agriculture and Development

    In Agriculture, SiA wants to Strengthen the link between farmers, agro-dealers, input suppliers as well as agriculture institutions in order to increase agriculture productivity and promote agriculture commercialization and sustainability.

    #5. Best practices in Community Development Projects

    To facilitate sustainable development, SiA is committed to promotion of best practices in research, project management and evaluation through partnership in programme/projects and provision of support in project management, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as environmental and social impacts assessment.

    Thematic area of operations

    1. Empowerment of Communities
    2. Environment
    3. Agriculture