Become Our Partner: Call for Collaboration in Joint Research and in Implementation of Development Projects

THIS IS OUR OFFICIAL INVITATION: Let us Join Forces to Help Community to Achieve Sustainable Development

About SiA

Sustainability in Action (SiA) is a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Religious, and Non-Political Organization Registered in Tanzanian Mainland with Registration Number 00NGO/R/1920.

Why SiA

SiA organization was formed to solve environmental, social, and economic problems hindering community development in Tanzania.

Our Vision“A Community with Sustainable Environmental, Social and Economic Development

Open for partnership

We are Open for Partnership in Joint Research and joint implementation of Community Development Projects to be implemented in Tanzania – Africa.

We are inviting Joint Research and/or Development Projects

Our Interest

We are interested in researches and projects that aiming at facilitating Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainable Development.

Our Ongoing Programmes

For the purpose of solving community problems, SiA is currently implementing various Programmes including; Sustainable Community Development Programme (SCDP), Sustainable Environment Management and Protection Programme (SEMAPP), Project Management and Evaluation for Sustainable Development (PMESD) and Agriculture and Development Programme (ADP).


Under programmes, SiA is continuously implementing various projects, including agriculture and development, environmental conservation, and community empowerment projects.

Other initiatives: We also run Social, Economic and Environmental Campaigns

Join Us

You are invited to partner/collaborate in the implementation of those projects.

Our Capacity

SiA has skilled and experienced Researchers, Agriculture Experts, Environment specialists, Community Development Experts, and Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation experts ready for implementation of Projects.

What we need

We need strategic, technical, corporate and grassroots partners to collaborate with us in the implementation of our programmes

Partnership Options

We are open to the following kinds of partnerships;

Strategic Partners

This is special for NGOs and other Organizations/Institutions interested in joint research and joint implementation of projects

Corporate Partners

For corporate Organizations/companies that wish to support our initiatives and/or programmes

Technical Partners

For technical experts like researchers and other environment and community development experts. Individuals who want to offer their technical support.

Grassroot Partners

For people and local groups at the grassroots level. Our beneficiaries.

We Collaborate with: NGOs and other Organizations, Individuals, Corporates and Local people

Contact us to Become our Partner

Use the following form to express your Partnership/ Collaboration interest.



    Feel free to contact us for further information or Clarifications

    Administration Department

    SunFlag, Unga Ltd, Arusha,

    P.O Box 113305.
    Arusha, Tanzania.


    SiA Research Office

    SunFlag, Unga Ltd, Arusha,

    P.O Box 113305.
    Arusha, Tanzania.

    SiA Consultancy Office (CO)

    SunFlag, Unga Ltd, Arusha, Tanzania

    P.O Box 113305.
    Arusha, Tanzania.