Sustainable Environment Management and Protection Programme (SEMAPP)

General Objective: The purpose of this programme is to promote the use of social and economic practices which are environmentally friendly through environmental management and conservation initiatives.

Programme ObjectivesProgramme PlansImplemented PlansMonitoring and Evaluation Summary
SEMAPP Objective #1:
Create awareness on environmental issues by describing the interdependence relationship between environment and social-economic issues
SEMAPP Objective #1: Plans
📌 Conduct environment management and protection research/studies.

Task List
➠ Design and conduct studies
➠ Organize environmental workshop and forums
➠ Conduct joint Environmental studies
SEMAPP Objective #1: Implementation
📌 Designing and conducting researches/studies intended to explore environmental issues

📌 Developing environment workshops and forums for discussing environmental issues

📌 Developing and conducting environmental campaigns.
SEMAPP Objective #1: M&E
Environmental issues Knowledge gap

Generation of information about environmental issues

Information/Knowledge of Environmental issues

Protection and conservation of the environment through generated and shared knowledge

Create an environment for Continuous creation of awareness and generation of information
SEMAPP Objective #2:
Promote best practices in environmental management through provision of environmental management and assessment consultancy services
SEMAPP Objective #2: Plans

📌 Creation of Consultancy Office that will coordinate Provision of consultancy services in environmental management and assessment
Task List
➠ Coordinate Departments
➠ Development of Optimum Service Delivery System
➠ Develop service guidelines and procedures
➠ Develop Service Quality Assurance System
SEMAPP Objective #2: Implementation
📌 SiA currently offers consultation services in environmental management and assessment
SEMAPP Objective #2: M&E
PMESD Objective #4: M&E
➠ PMESD Objective #1
➠ Technical support demand of other organization

Provision of consultancy services

A consultancy agency with the best and reliable services

SiA Became a leading Research, Project Management consultancy agency

➠ PMESD Objective #1
➠ Ensure sustainability of Projects of other Organization
➠ Earnings from Consultancy Services will support ongoing activities and ensure the future existence of SiA
SEMAPP Objective #3:
Promote and facilitate environment conservation through innovation of environmental protection initiatives
SEMAPP Objective #3: Plans
📌 Helps the community to understand the fragility of the environment and the importance of its protection for sustainable social and economic development.

Task List
➠ Design and implement awareness campaign projects
➠ Conduct training sessions and facilitation sessions
➠ Induce collaboration with other national and international organization with interest in creating awareness on environmental issues
SEMAPP Objective #3: Implementation
📌 Designing and implementing projects aiming at increasing community awareness on environmental issues

📌 Promoting partnership in environment conservation projects and designing as well as the implementation of environmental campaigns

📌 SiA is currently developing and conducting environmental campaigns.
SEMAPP Objective #3: M&E
Current demand of environmental education in the community

Provision of education on environment issues

Community that is aware about environment conservation and protection

Protection and conservation of environment

Create environment for Continuous Innovation and Implementation of Sustainable development initiatives
Table shows status of ongoing SiA Sustainable Environment Management and Protection Programme (SEMAPP)