Carrier and Volunteer/Internship at Sustainability in Action (SiA)

Welcome to Sustainability in Action (SiA)

Thank you for your interest in working with us.

We are always keen to meet energetic and talented professionals who would like to join our team.

We are working with people with skills and ideas that can facilitate sustainable development.

About SiA

Sustainability in Action (SiA) is a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Religious, and Non-Political Organization operating in Tanzania mainland aiming to enable the community to achieve sustainable development through sustainable agriculture, social-economic development and environmental conservation initiatives.

Ongoing Programmes

SiA is currently implementing various Programmes including;

Our Plans

Under programmes, SiA intends to implement various categories of projects including agriculture and development, environmental conservation and community empowerment projects.

Demand for Technical Experts

There is an increasing demand of Technical Experts. SiA is looking for skilled and experienced individuals who can provide technical assistance in the planning, implementation and management of projects.

Kind of person we want

We want someone who can volunteer to do the following

  • Support SiA’s programmes and projects designing, management and evaluation, and continuously contributing to improvements of programming tools and processes.
  • Support the development and implementation of SiA monitoring plans for activities implemented through partnerships and those under direct implementation in line with Programme Manual and programming instructions.
  • Contribute to the review and analysis of operations plans, mid-year and year-end reports of SiA, ensuring quality assurance and compliance with established policies, guidelines, procedures and standards.
  • Assist in managing the development of a broad network of partners, good coordination practices, and the development of partner capacities related to projects management if applicable.

Nature of Work

  • Remote work
  • Part Time
  • Volunteer
  • Internship

We are always eager to find a talented person who has a passion for Environmental Social and economic sustainable development.

Join Us

Join our community to volunteer with us;