Sustainability in Action (SiA) Visions and Mission

Sustainability in Action (SiAis a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Non-Religious, and Non-Political Organization that focuses on enabling the community to achieve sustainable community development through environmental, agricultural and social-economic initiatives. Read more


A Community with Sustainable Environmental, Social and Economic Development.


To enable the community to achieve sustainable development through sustainable agriculture, social-economic development and environmental conservation initiatives.

To achieve her Mission SiA intends to do the following;

  1. To facilitate innovation of social and economic community development initiatives that will help the community to achieve sustainable economic and social development.
  2. To promote a sustainable economy of marginal communities in underprivileged parts of Tanzania by facilitating the adoption of best practices of effective resource utilization.
  3. To encourage the use of social and economic practices which are environmentally friendly through environmental conservation initiatives.
  4. To strengthen the link between farmers, agro-dealersinput suppliers as well as agriculture institutions in order to increase agriculture productivity and promote agriculture commercialization and sustainability.
  5. To facilitate sustainable development, SiA is committed to the promotion of best practices in researchproject management and evaluation through partnership in programme/projects and provision of support in project management, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as environmental and social impacts assessment.

What has Been done so far;

Implementing Programmes

SiA is currently implementing four programmes all aiming to facilitate sustainable development. Those programmes are; (1) Sustainable Community Development Programme (SCDP), (2) Sustainable Environment Management and Protection Programme (SEMAPP) (3) Project Management and Evaluation for Sustainable Development (PMESD) and (4) Agriculture and Development Programme (ADP).

Conducting Campaigns

Also, SiA is Implementing environmental and social-economic campaigns aiming to promote sustainable environmental, social, and Economic Development.

Offer consultancy Services

For the purpose of supporting other organizations, SiA provides consultancy services in project management, Monitoring, and Evaluation as well as environmental and social impacts assessment.

How you can Join us;

You can join us through our partnership options including Strategic, Corporate, Technical, and Grassroots partnerships. SiA is interested in partners who want to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. SiA is also open for Partnership in Joint Researches and joint implementation of Community Development Projects. Read more…

How you can Support us;

You can Support us by donate on our ongoing programmes and Campaigns. For more information on how you can support us read here>>