OFFICIAL INVITATION: Join Development Stakeholders Community Forum

About SiA

Sustainability in Action (SiA) is a nonprofit organization that operates in Tanzania (Africa) that aims to empower all special groups in the community such as women, youths, children, persons with disabilities, older persons, etc. SiA mission is to facilitate the achievement of environmental, social, and economic sustainable development.


You are invited to join our community forum to get information, discuss and plan with other stakeholders about sustainable development.

About SiA Community Forum

SiA created a platform named β€œSiA – Development Stakeholders Community Forum” that aims to connect development stakeholders and enable their discussions as a way of facilitating sustainable development.

Advantages of join

By joining β€œSiA – Development Stakeholders Community Forum”,

  1. You will meet other stakeholders and share/exchange ideas as well as knowledge.
  2. You will be updated about sustainable development issues.
  3. You will find various opportunities for sustainable development initiatives.
  4. Chance to collaborate/partner with SiA.

This is the best opportunity for all development stakeholders to come together and discuss sustainable development.

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